Are you interested in keeping honey bees? Or do you know someone who is? Then take a look at our Begginner’s Courses.
The aim is to provide fun and educational activities for people interested in beekeeping.

Why keep bees?
Bees are the major pollinator of plants in the world and without them we would struggle to feed our growing population.

Due to our remote geographical location, being surrounded by sea, Australia is protected from many issues threatening bee populations in other countries, as beekeepers whether hobbyists, commercial apiarists or bee enthusiasts we all have a role to play to ensure Australia’s healthy bee population.

Beekeepers of honeybees do need to be a member of a club, and you must register your bee hives with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in each state. Compulsory registration helps prevent the spread of pests and diseases, namely American Foulbrood. The DPI are able to make contact with beekeepers within an affected area and assist with inspection, treatment and control.


Bees are classified as livestock and when it comes to the health of our livestock, Biosecurity Matters. 


Click here to view Bee Biosecurity Code of Practice


Our aim is to enhance your chance to successfully keep bees. Bees will thrive in almost any location with a sunny aspect and a clean water supply.


The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. offers courses designed to provide new or potential beekeepers with the necessary knowledge, confidence and practical skills to successfully manage their beehive. You gain confidence from having hands on experience and you will know the legal responsibilities required of a bee keeper before starting your first hive. A Beginners Beekeeping Course is highly recommended before you start in bees. This course provides participants with the information they need to start beekeeping with confidence. It is specifically aiming at small scale hobby beekeeping and covers topics specific to urban bee keepers.

No prior bee keeping knowledge or experience is required. Courses are run during the Spring and Summer.

Suited to the absolute novice, the merely curious, or the beginner in the first year of keeping honey bees. Applicable to all hive types and designs including the Flow Hive.

(NOTE: If you have completed one year / season or more with honey bees, this course would not be ideally suitable for you because it is aimed at the absolute novice. We offer intermediate level training courses from time to time which may better suit your needs.)

For information on upcoming training sessions please check our Events page, or contact us at

Please note that course participants must be financial members of The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. – click here to join us!




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