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We’ve answered our top FAQs below – if your enquiry isn’t listed there we will get back to you as soon as we can.


How do I become a member?

Woohoo we love to have you join us. The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. celebrated its 40th year in 2019 and has been a wonderful club to help support and educate hobby beekeepers in the Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions whilst making new friends.

Please complete the membership form: Click Here
Annual membership fee includes our monthly Buzz magazine and monthly invitations to events and training meetings.

When is your next beekeeping workshop?

We love that you’re excited about our beekeeping workshops! We try to run our workshops at a minimum of 3 times a year. All our current events are listed on our Facebook page and advertised in our monthly Members newsletter the Buzz – if it’s not listed there, then we don’t have a date to announce. To hear the news first, please
email Kathy Knox at GoldCoast.Education@beekeepers.asn.au to be put on our waiting list and you’ll be the first to know.

When and where are the Monthly General Meeting?

The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. holds free monthly meetings on the third Sunday of each month. It is a friendly and informative meeting held at different apiary sites around the Gold Coast region. Meet new people, have morning tea, share tips and strategies to manage your hives and be part of the community. Details are advertised each month in the monthly newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Can you help me hire or find a Beekeeping mentor?

It’s great that you’re looking for mentor to help support your journey into beekeeping. Mentors can be a great source of questions and troubleshooting. The best way to find a mentor is to join our club and attend our monthly meetings to meet our beekeepers. Members can also advertise mentoring requests on our members only Facebook group or there are heaps of free Facebook Australian members groups too to post photos and ask questions. We are a wonderful community!

Where do I buy bees?

You have all the equipment, read some blogs or books and done a course and ready to go. Whoppee. Now to buy some bees. Bees are usually sold as a nucleus hive consisting of four full depth Langstroth frames of brood, honey and pollen with a locally raised mated queen. Unfortuantely we do not sell nucs to the public but some of our members do. Nucs are advertised on our Members group or there are some commercial suppliers online you can enquire with.

Help! I have a swarm!

No stress. Thanks so much for contacting us. Please check Bee Swarms page on our website: All swarm enquiries are advertised on our members page. Please send us the location, a photo (if you can) and your contact details.

Can you speak at my meeting or event?

Members of our team love speaking at events, but with many requests we simply can’t say yes to them all. Priority will go to events with a speaker’s fee – while we appreciate that not every event has a budget for such, we encourage our beekeepers to be paid appropriately for their time & expertise and so we uphold that value for ourselves. If your event has this budget but you didn’t mention it in your email, hit reply to let us know.

Want us to speak for free? There are a very limited number of pro bono engagements each of our team do each year however we will certainly advertise your event in our members only Facebook Group to create any interest.

Can you come to my school/club/library and run a program?

Yes we can! We have a number of half and full-day workshops we can customise for you for an hourly fee. If you need a custom program or any adjustments to our current offerings, there will be additional fees. If that sounds great, get in touch!

I’d love to volunteer/get a job/do work experience with you.

We’re so honoured! Currently our club is not set up to manage beekeeping internships or voluntary work. However, if you network with our members and commercial apiaries they may have opportunities depending on your interest, availability and experience. The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. is a small team of voluntary members contributing to sharing education and networking to promote hobby amateur beekeeping so we are not set up to take work experience placements but can sometimes refer you to apiaries and commercial companies that do (no promises though!).

BEEcome a member

Apply here to Join the Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. and receive monthly newsletters, invitations to monthly General Meetings, workshops and connect with other local Beekeepers.

In 2020 The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. affiliated with the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW (ABA) . The ABA’s centralised membership system takes care of most membership admin tasks. Members use the ABA  system to join our association and the ABA, pay fees and update their details.

Latest Events

The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeper’s Society inc. welcomes new members, existing members and visitors to attend and volunteer at all events.